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    BPM Workspace nodes are not in Sync in the Cluster Environment.


      Hi Techies,




      We are using Oracle BPM 10g R3 10.3.1

      1. We have 2 servers,ManageServer1 and ManageServer2 under admin server.
      2. Each Manage server is having a Engine Domain and Workspace Domain.


      Problem 1 - The number of work items appearing in the workspace1 is not same as workspace2

      For eg:- Assuming a total of 4 work items, both workspace should contain 4 work items. Instead, 3 are appearing in workspace1 and 4 are appearing in the workspace2


      Problem 2 - The process has a 3automatic activities between 2 interactive activities . After action taken on interactive activity1 , the process is stopping at 3rd automatic activity withoutany exception.But in workspace2 the work item appear with 2nd interactive activity.


      Your valuable suggestions are most welcome and it counts lot for us.


      Thanking in Advance,