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        We place a cursor which field we need barcode number it read that number and written in that field. So no logic behind in that in form level.

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          it means, barcode value just past in barcode fields, means no external interaction.


          7410ee99-6679-4c5a-be6d-00f400110bb6 wrote:

          From main form we are selecting a values from LOV and we are calling the call form. Calling form with will do barcode scan before saving that number if PC got shutdown again we opened with the particular number the system got Hang . Other number will working fine.

          could you please mention the reason of shutdown PC, is there any specific reason. or it shutdown during above process only. or any other reason?


          if reason not the said process then need to see the logic of POST built-in here. because what i feel, when you are making entries on form it POSTED to database in between and during this process if PC shutdown because of electricity failure or etc, then posted transaction don't get rollback. due to this when you again access the particular number again then system got hang.

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            Yes due electricity failure the PC got shutdown. That why that particular number get hang in the form.

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              long way to reached the root cause. So the problem is transaction is not rollback in case of application aborted/terminated etc.


              What's the reason behind to use POST builtin in form

              are you using any DML statement in the form or through db package or procedure etc

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                OK, let we do i will remove POST and i will write DML statement instead of that.

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                  Andreas Weiden

                  Replacing a POST with a manual DML-statement does not change anything. The POST-builtin does exactly the same.


                  How often do you have such "electricity failures" so that it's worth the effort of changing the logic?

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                    Its very rare case the electricity failure occurs.

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