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    Edge Server and database Connectivity


      I have installed RFID reader and Oracle Sensor edger server in Country A.
      Database Oracle 10G R2 in another Country B. I am using a VPN connection.

      Can I use stream dispatcher to populate data to database located at Country B.

      can anyone help me.

      thanking you
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          Hi John!
          If you have a network connection between the reader and the database than it does not matter if they are in the same room or in different countries.

          Using a VPN does imply that your network is set up in a way that the network traffic from the reader to the database has to pass through the VPN tunnel. On the database server you will have access to the database listener.

          I haven't yet worked with the Streams Dispatcher but I worked with the HTTP dispatcher. I send the packets to a JSP application running on the application server and this wrote the content into the database.

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            hello Andreas,

            Thank you for the reply.

            We solved the issues and got the things working using VPN, using stream dispatcher.

            thanking you
            john davis