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    Issue: FDM integrator - Configure - Local security policies on Server


      Dear All,


      We have successfully installed and configured HFM & FDM on our server. HFM ( & FDM (

      Our local Security policies got changed on the server and we don't have any information regarding what these changes are.


      But this has effected the working of our FDM, it can import the flat files but is unable to export to HFM, we are encountering error "Error with regard to line item 45" or "Automation Error".

      we tried checking the machine profile under adapter FM11X-G5-E and also tried to re configure. But the user name and password is not accepted at Adapter configuration Stage.

      "Specified cast not valid"  Error is displaced when we tried inputting the user name and password.


      Is there any way that any of the local policies changes might have effected the working of Adapter FM11X-G5-E.

      Please suggest me how to know why we integration is not happening between HFM - FDM applications.