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    How to pass complex QuerySpec as the 'Bookmark' parameter to the XMLP Driver Service?


      We are using script to call the XMLP Driver Service to generate BIP report.

      At the moment, we have only been successful when invoking the service with a simple one line query such as bookmark = "'Service Agreement'.Search = \"[Id]='" + someId + "'\"";

      But we need to be able to have filters on child BCs too. We understand the query should be in the format same as PDQs. PDQs separate the queries on each BC separate lines, how should this be translated to a single string to pass on as the bookmark?


      We've tried using \n or just a space like:

      bookmark = "'Service Agreement'.Search = \"[Id]='" + someId + "'\"\n'Child BC'.Search = \"[Id]='"+ someOtherId +"'\"";

      bookmark = "'Service Agreement'.Search = \"[Id]='" + someId + "'\" 'Child BC'.Search = \"[Id]='"+ someOtherId +"'\"";


      In both cases, the service throws an error saying the bookmark is in invalid format. What should we do?