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    Got exception for SSL configuration for Oracle HTTP Server


      I am getting below exception while configuring the SSL certificate for my project.



      [2014-06-20T03:36:04.0524-06:00] [OHS] [ERROR:32] [OHS-2052] [core.c] [host_id: SLC04ZGN] [host_addr:] [p

      id: 1728] [tid: 448] [user: SYSTEM] [VirtualHost: slc06cpc.us.oracle.com:4444]  server slc06cpc.us.oracle.com:4444 has a

      n invalid wallet: file:C:\\Oracle_Middleware\\Middleware_11\\Oracle_WT1\\instances\\instance1/config/OHS/ohs1/keystores/

      default :: 28759



      I used the signtool to generate sso file as we are using der type certificate


      I used below command to export and import the sso file



      C:\Rajesh\SSL>%JAVA_HOME%\bin\keytool -export -alias oracle.testssl -file cert.cer -keystore C:\Certificate\SSL\testssl.keystore



      C:\Rajesh\SSL>%JAVA_HOME%\bin\keytool -import -alias oracle.testssl -file cert.cer -keystore C:\Oracle_Middleware\Middleware_11\Oracle_WT1\instances\instance1\config\OHS\ohs1\keystores\default\cwallet.sso


      Would you please help.