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    Prevent CSS inheritance


      Dear all,


      I have a SplitPane, which is inside another SplitPane in the same tree hierarchy of the Scene.

      When I set the CSS class of the outer SplitPane, it always overwrites all CSS Settings of the inner one. How can I prevent it, so that e.g. I can assign a red divider for the outer and a green one for the inner SplitPane.


      I have defined the CSS with

      <code> </code>

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          David Grieve-Oracle

          Add a style-class to your SplitPane's:


              SplitPane outer = new SplitPane();


              SplitPane inner = new SplitPane();



          Then use those style-classes in a .css file:

          .split-pane.outer { ... }

          .split-pane.inner { ... }