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    Oracle B2B use case - SAP IDoc




      I have a scenario where I need to use the SAP adaptor to listen to PO IDoc (XML) and pass it on to the B2B (positional flat file). I'm thinking of Mediator to listen to the SAP adaptor for new IDoc's and pass it on to B2B using B2B adaptor (where I intend to select the postional flat file document definition).


      Can I get the positional flat file (instead of XML IDoc) into Oracle SOA using 'SAP adapter for Oracle SOA suite'? I'm not able to find any option in the SAP adapter configuration where can I set the adapter to send positional flat file into SOA layer.


      Is this the only way? Is there any other way where I can listen directly from B2B without SOA layer? Can we directly plugin the SAP adapter into B2B?