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    Weblogic calling servlet destroy method automatically


      I have an application running on the weblogic instance. I have made one of my servlet as load on startup in the web.xml which is having the init and destroy method. But while execution of the functionality of the application, the weblogic is suddenly calling the destroy method of the servlet. I looked into the server logfile created using log4j. I could see that the code in the server is getting executed to a certain point before calling an external jar. The external jar is a jar of my another component (not part of the web app but a client app) which is needed by the server to calling certain common apis. The jar has implemented the logging using java util logger. Can this cause any issue for the weblogic where in the server log is implemented using log4j and the client jar has log implementation of Java util logger ? Need urgent help as i am stuck for a major delivery.



      Thanks in advance.