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    Essbase @DatePart & @DateDiff not working as expected


      I have set the cube parameter 'Typed Measures enabled' to true with 'Date format' = mm/dd/yyyy.

      I created a measure named Store Open Date as a date.  I loaded the data using the lock and send options from the Add-In.  In the load spreadsheet I entered the dates as 'mm/dd/yyyy (example '07/31/1996).

      The load seems to complete but when I retrieve the data it is a strange number (the date '07/31/1996 retrieves as 838771200).


      I also created measures with @DatePart and @DateDiff formulas.  ie: @DatePart("Store Open Date",DP_Month); & @DateDiff(@ToDate("mm-dd-yyyy","01-01-1996"),@ToDate("mm-dd-yyyy","07-16-1996"),DP_Day);

      Both of these measures are returning 0.


      The long term goal is to be able to have a measure that calculates the number of days between Store Open Date (loaded date) and a UDA that will be filled with the current period end date.