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    SALT, MTOM and performence

    Mats Ulvedal

      Hi all,


      We have now used salt for a long time and it work's like a swiss watch.

      And now we will also start a project calling a WS who contain big files, from 300 MB up to GB size.


      Is there any guidelines how to set up (configure and code) to achive the best performence for this type of application.

      In this app is Tuxedo calling a WebService in Weblogic. They expect around 10-15000 calls a day, but as I mentioned with some extreme big files.


      Best Regards


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          Maurice G-Oracle



          it is hard to provide hard guidelines without knowing more on the setup: available bandwidth, number of servers, location of files, whether peak hours will take place and if so what the planned concurrent access, etc.


          However there are some things you can do to get some initial tuning/testing done in the direction you need.


          You will want to pay attention to:

          - the threads in the thread pool at the SALT gateway level, possibly increase the number of gateways although that should not be necessary if the server is well-sized

          - the communication between SALT gateway and servers will be through IPC queues, and OS settings here may apply, as well as size of memory of the server. You may want to monitor these in volume testing.

          - other non Tuxedo SALT factors: where the files come from (file system? DB? etc.?): this may need optimizing.


          There may be other factors. Feel free to get in touch with us as you advance in the project, we can provide assistance in interpreting logs etc.