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    Studying for OCP Chapter 1 ASM - Help


      I just begin my studies for OCP, I am using the exam guide book to help me study. Let me explain my simple setup. I have a Mac that I have installed Oracle Virtual Box, on top of that I have installed Oracle Linux 6.5. I have done all the pre-reqs for installing the database, but have not installed it. From my understanding before I install the database I need to install Oracle 11g Grid Infrastructure for ASM. I need help in this area, I can run the installer for Grid just fine, but I have no clue what I am supposed to do as far as the section thats as you to pick the disks, getting the disks within the viritualbox. There was a video on youtube that advise me to use Starwind to set up a SAN/NAS network for virtual storarge:




      I tried but Starwind never sent me a confirmation email so I cant use their trial. I have found other Virtual storage such as openfiler and open-e but I have no idea how to configure these to work with my Virtual Box. Can someone advise me, if I'm going in the right direction, if so what do I do next? Or is there another way that I can set up disks for Oracle 11g Grid Infrastructure. Any advice would be highly appreciated.