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    How to export script in SQL developer with it's dependent objects in a separate file for each object.


      Hi All,

      I have lots of objects created in one of the schema. I want to create single file for each object with it's dependent object.

      Say, I have below 2 tables with indexes and trigger created on that tables.


      Table Name : TBL1

      Index on TBL1 :  IND1


      Trigger on TBL1 : TRG1


      Table Name : TBL2

      Index on TBL2 :  IND3


      Trigger on TBL2 : TRG2


      Now I want to create 2 script 1 for TBL1 and another for TBL2 table. Each script must contains the table structure and index and trigger created on it.


      I had tried with export option but not able to get exact option I required.

      Kindly help me to export the script.


      Thanks in advance.