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    Some basic queries on folks cloud experiences




      currently we have a range of Oracle databases, middleware and applications hosted internally on a LAN within a Data Center.


      I was just wondering if folk had any experiences of migrating to a cloud model of delivery ?


      Q1. Would you recommend hosting yourself rather than having everything Oracle hosted ?

      Q2. Would you recommend self managed or Oracle Managed ?


      Q3. What difference is there in a Private Cloud solution, hosted at your own Data Center and managed by your own staff from that of the traditional solution / model of simply deploying the various oracle servers in a LAN ? Why bother migrating to Cloud ?


      Q4.  I see you can Cloud host from 11gR1 onwards, so what's cloud specific about Release 12c or what makes it different from 11g in regards to Cloud ?


      Q5. Are there other providers of cloud other than Oracle ? I see Amazon appear to be an Oracle Cloud partner but they seem to only offerring a limited range of Oracle databases and middleware ( an no Oracle Applications that I can see ) ?


      many thanks,