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    Oracle Apex


      Hello Apex Experts,


      I need your advise in One of the issue which I'm facing in Oracle Apex 4.2.3 version.


      This issue appeared after doing the Apex up gradation recently to 4.2.3 version. Earlier it was configured with PLSQL gateway, But after the up gradation to 4.2.3, Apex Listener was used and PLSQL gateway was no where required after that.


      Everything seems to be fine like Application design, but when we do a download of report which contains around 20,000 records , then the Download keeps on going for about 10 minutes and finally redirects to "Page Cannot be Displayed" Page. Initially i thought it would be an report issue,SQL query issue. But when i tried the same download option under SQL Commands querying from a Simple Emp table with 20000 records then i faced the same issue which i faced in Application Level.


      So i thought the issue might not be because of Query/report but it might be related to Apex Configuration.


      I would appreciate if you guys can provide your thoughts in this issue.



      Chandra Sekhar