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    Issue with interactive Report


      Hi All,

      I am using Apex 4.2

      I have a interactive in which I have enabled filtering and sorting.

      When I click on one of the column in interactive report, say : "LAST NAME", it show me filtering and sorting options in drop down.

      The drop down also displays the available last name fetched from the query, but it displays me a certain range of Last Name say A-C only.

      I have last names with starting with other letter also, but those names are not displaying.

      For some column it displays values from A-E but not the full list.

      How to display whole list in that drop down.



      Kaustubh Patel.

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          Sunil Bhatia

          Hi Kaustubh,


          It loads only few filters because of performance of Interactive report.


          If you edit the Column Definition for the column, under List of Values set the Column Filter Type to one of the other options like "User Defined List of Values to Filter Exact Match".  You can then specify the query used to generate this list.  You could use something like what 've listed below to grab the first 20000 records.


          select *

          from (select name

          from emp

          order by name) em

          where rownum <= 20000


          But remember, it will always affect your interactive report page performance.


          Or alternatively, you can use this link:



          - Sunil Bhatia