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    Map Viewer Import Layer Error


      Hi All,


      i try to configure mapviewer to integrate in OBIEE structure. I have done all of the steps like following


      - Mapviewer configuration is ok,

      - Create new tile layers (oracle elocation map) is ok

      - and testing it in a mapviewer and working is fine

      - finally, i dont see themes in mapviewer admin console. But map and tile layer is seen in admin console.  Why does not themes seen in metadata ? 


      Now this is my second issue. I try to import Layers, background maps and images in analytics tool but i m getting the error like this "Unable to communicate with Oracle FMW Mapviewer Server"


      Analytics url is : http://mybiserver:9704/analytics/

      Mapviewer : http://mybiserver:9704/mapviewer/


      Have you got any idea about this issues ?