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    OUD and Active Directory ObjectClass Mapping?

    William Fry

      Hello, my company strategically wants to use OUD as our directory services product (currently we use OVD in a limited function -- mostly as a proxy to our backend systems to retrieve attributes).


      My question is (and I really hope I have just missed some page in the doucmentation) in OVD, there was an Active Directory objectclass mapper to make AD "user" look like "inetorgperson" which we use when integrated with products like OIF and OAM; so in OUD, is that same functionality present or is it a completely different approach?  If it's present, where is the documentation and/or how do I go about mapping objectclasses?


      I haven't seen anything in the documentation about built-in plugins to do objectclass mapping, so I'm a little concerned we won't get the same functionality that OVD provided for us.