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      How to retrieve to data through SmartView? i tried to Refresh Data But it's not retriving the data.

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          Make sure you connect to proper Data source , Application and check if data is loaded in the cube ?

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            make sure in Smartview -> Options-> Advanced mention the url




            and then connect to essbase or planning depending on the source.


            let us know incase of any issues.




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              If the connection to the datasource(Essbase or Planning) using SmartView add-in is successful and still you are unable to retrieve the data, then verify:

              1. If data is exists in the database. This can be done by previewing the data from the EAS Console.

              2. under the Data Options of SmartView options, if the option "Navigate without data" is checked. If checked, uncheck it



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                Amit Khanna

                First thing you need to check is if the connection has been established or not. If you are connected and still the problem persists, then:


                As correctly conveyed by KosuruS, check for the availability of the data in the cube. Another way to confirm is by Checking the properties for the number of existing blocks.


                Further, if the data is present than check if the intersections you are checking contains any data or not using preview data.


                If possible, you can enter a test data in any of the intersections and submit it using smartview. Then refresh the cube and check if the same data is shown in the selected intersection.


                If you still cannot get the desired result, please refer to the sv_user guide(User Manual for Smartview)-- http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E17236_01/epm.1112/sv_user.pdf