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    Where do I get the jar file containing com.bea.httppubsub.json.JSONObject class?




      I am new to CEP ( and am trying to use the CEP http adapter to do remote publishing. I am using the custom converter bean java code in oracle documentation (code added below) to convert the object into JSONObject type before publishing to the adapter. However I am not able to find the jar file that contains the JSONObject (com.bea.httppubsub.json.JSONObject) used in the converter bean class while implementing the methods of InboundMessageConverter and OutboundMessageConverter


      Can anyone please help me to locate and download the required jar file into the project? highly appreciate your help.


      ***************Code from Oracle documentation********************


      package com.sample.httppubsub;

      import com.bea.wlevs.adapters.httppubsub.api.InboundMessageConverter;

      import com.bea.wlevs.adapters.httppubsub.api.OutboundMessageConverter;

      import com.bea.httppubsub.json.JSONObject;

      import java.util.List;

      import java.util.ArrayList;

      import java.util.HashMap;

      import java.util.Map;

      public class TestConverter implements InboundMessageConverter, OutboundMessageConverter {

          public List convert(JSONObject message) throws Exception {

              List eventCollection = new ArrayList();

              PubsubTestEvent event = new PubsubTestEvent();

              event.setMessage("From TestConverter: " + message);


              return eventCollection;


          public List<JSONObject> convert(Object event) throws Exception {

              List<JSONObject> list = new ArrayList<JSONObject>(1);

              Map map = new HashMap();

              map.put("message", ((PubsubTestEvent) event).getMessage());

              list.add(new JSONObject(map));

              return list;





      PS: I have added com.bea.wlevs.adapters.httppubsub_11.1.1.7_0.jar into the project lib folder