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    Chart with Table Child not passing binds


      I have a report that's a bar graph. The underlying query has 3 columns, grp, ser, and frequency which are used for the chart's group, series, and data respectivly.


      When I add a child table, I don't seem to be able to filter the results with data from the parent using :GRP. I added a child PLSQL report to print the bind vairables to see if there was funky formatting going on, but it was null. But if I print :GROUP or :SERIES (the name of the fields displayed when you hover over data a chart), they are getting the values I expect. Has anybody else experieced this or know if there's a workaround or fix for it? It is not a problem for other parent/child reports I have in which the parent is a table instead of a chart. I'm using 4.0.1 on Win64.

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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          Hi Dylan,


          There is currently one bug involving reports and parent-to-child bind variables open against 4.0.1.  It says nothing about a chart versus a table, so perhaps your issue is different, but nevertheless I have referenced this discussion in that bug so the appropriate developer will be forewarned.


          Of course, it would help even more if you could provide a detailed test case including table structure DDL, the data, and the report definition.



          SQL Developer Team