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    Not abel to attach to running java process


      Hi team,


      While trying to profile a running linux process through Solaris Studio (SolarisStudio12.4-beta_mar14-linux-x86) from remote host(windowsP.We encountered the below listed error.


      Error. cannot send signal. Process ID is not correct(-1).

      error at line 16 of file 'dbxcolRHncfh'

      dbx: can't continue execution -- no active process

      error at line 17 of file 'dbxcolRHncfh'


      Our platform is 64-bit RHEL 5.5 release kernel



      Java: oracle jdk 1.7 u40.

      we picked the process from the window "Select the Process to profile"

      Could you please review the above and let me know how to identify the correct process id.