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    Unable to create Discoverer Public Connections


      Environment: Discoverer 11g Patch Set 6 (

      OS: Solaris Sparc 10


      I am not able to create a public connection in Enterprise Manager for Discoverer. RCU was not used and standalone was the choice while performing the installation.


      I manually created a user in database and granted privileges on EUL schema tables. I am able to connect to Discoverer Plus and Viewer without any issues. When i try to add a new user in a similar fashion, i am getting errors like "no access to EUL tables".


      I tried to follow metalink doc "How To Associate A Discoverer 11g (11.1.1.x) Standalone Installation With The Connection Management Schemas (Doc ID 1155198.1)" to create data sources in Weblogic console. There are no table objects in repository schemas. Do i need to execute RCU to create repository objects? Please point me to right document or steps in resolving this issue.