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    Port application from OAS to Weblogic


      Please forgive me if this is so basic but I'm sub-novice when it comes to web technologies.  I have a task to perform and we don't have anybody on the project with any experience.  I need to move a page and app from our old Oracle Application Server to our Weblogic server as the OAS will be decommissioned at some point in the near future


      The totality of the app is a page that contains four links each of which pass a set of parameters to a jsp/jnlp file that opens a console to manage a 3rd party java application, Automic Application Manager.   I copied all the components over to the new server, more or less staged them where it seemed appropriate.  I can get the page to launch and the links call the file but it opens instead of launching.   I have figured out that I have to add a type to my httpd.conf file  as "AddType application/x-java-jnlp-file JNLP jnlp"   It didn't work and we altered the line to AddType application/x-java-jnlp-file .JNLP .jnlp to match some other lines.   This line is present in the OAS version which works.  We bounced the OHS on the Weblogic server to source this.  Still not working.


      I'm not sure what I'm doing or why this isn't working.   The mime type jnlp is also present on the OAS.    From what I'm reading what I've done setting it up in the httpd.conf file should be enough to get the thing to launch rather than open.    Hope somebody can help!