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    ADF Mobile: creating contact on device only after user selects ALLOW button


      My app allows users to quickly and easily add contacts on their IOS phone.  I need help capturing the "DON'T ALLOW" button click.



      When adding a contact on the users device phoneGap prompts the user "Allow theApp to Access Contacts?".  After this alert is shown the user must select either "Allow" or "Don't Allow".  Of course if the user selects "Allow" my code runs perfectly.


      However, if the user selects "Don't Allow" I am not able to capture that selection and process accordingly. 


      Here's the line of code that processes the newContact for that app user.

      Contact newContact = device.createContact(contact);

           where "contact" has been preset with user data;


      Would you offer your expert opinion on how to proceed please?

      Many Thanks!

      Tree Strepek