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    Problem importing JvueAX.ocx into Delphi XE2




      I can import the activeX and install it into a Delphi package however when I try to place the imported control on a form I get and 'External exception'. Subsequent attempts to add it generate

      'ClassFactory cannot supply requested class'. I have done a search on that message and most results indicate an issue with installing an activeX or a bit versioning issue. I believe the version installed is



      How can I test the JvueAX.ocx file is installed correctly, is there an easy way to do this?


      Does anyone have any suggestions on how to resolve the issue?


      We desperately need to get this working.  We already have an (old) application working with an older version and did not expect the newer version to be a problem.


      The version of AutoVue we are using is 20.2.2 (I believe the most recent). I installed it using the ISDK and DesktopDeployment installers.  I installed the Java runtine and tested this also.


      I have tried to register the jvueax.ocx using regsvr32 and this fails, I am not sure if this is the problem or not.


      I know Delphi isn't in the list of supported languages but Delphi almost always works perfectly with imported activeX controls.  Are there any patches or updates available that might help.  The Ocx version we have is




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          FYI the resolution to this issue was the following....


          1. Open your autovue.properties file (located in "<AutoVue install folder>\bin").
          2. Locate the line which start with "autovue.cmdline".
          3. Change "-Xmx512m" to "-Xmx256m".
          4. Save the change and test again.


          This is supposed to be a Windows XP fix, but I use Windows 7 and it resolved the issue for me




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            Ricardo Av-Oracle

            XP has issues with allocating a contiguous chunk of memory and that is mandatory for the JVM to start

            Delphi programs have a tendency to allocate between 100-200MB of mem when started

            It has been pointed out that for the specific combination of XP and Delphi, a lower memory footprint is required.

            By default, AV DD uses 512MB for the JVM, with XP it works OOB but the OCX and Delphi processes requires more memory  (they use 200MB them alone) so you will need to allocate less memory to the OCX on XP

            As of April 8, 2014 Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP

            As stated on the previous post, you can modify the -Xmx line to use less memory, it will have an impact on performance of course, as less memory requires more data management and some medium/large 3D files will simply fail to load as it becomes impossible to manage (but that would be an expected result, no memory, no large models)