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    When processing an AR Refund if the supplier (company/person getting the refund) is already created in the AP system, the process fails


      Dear Friends,



      Business users followed the steps given by the oracle communities team regarding this issue, however they still have the following problem.Kindly help.


      1) Appears that system may have flagged the bank details as unique .No more than one customer or group of customer can have the same bank details.

      2) Conflicting logic - system flagged bank details as unique but failed to pick up the information in AP.


      User followed the notes provided to process refund .Customer name number and customer address were self populated.when clicked into party bank account - Lov contains no entries.Reproduced actions according to notes to leave no bank account and apply and save.


      Refund amount and details appeared in AP without any bank account No. Information failed to pick this despite the self populated data being picked.


      Can you please help as bank details fields esp the account no or account name should not be unique in the system.



      PS Iam trying to attach a few screenshots but its not able to.Can you please suggest me an alternative as well please

      Thanks a lot


      Siva Charan

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