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    Datacontrols of consuming application and ADF Library working individually

    Shreesha Bhat

      Hi All,


      need some guidance.



      Integrated weblogic


      My Requirement:

      I want to create a reusable component which i can use in different applications. This reusable component needs to have an ADF table in which i can do CRUD operations based on an input value.


      For this i have created an ADF application with bounded taskflow which has input parameters.

      I have created the EO, VO and AM in model layer and using data controls i have created the ADF table inside the jsff page of the bounded taskflow.

      I have a method call before the page to do the pre processing.

      I have created the ADF library Jar file of the ViewController Project with Model project build output.

      I have added this ADF Lib Jar file to the Consuming application through resource palette.

      Consuming application has its own Application Module data control.

      So now in the consuming application i can see two data controls, second one from the ADF lib jar file.

      I have a page in the consuming application with two things,

           1. A form which i have created using the Consuming Application Module data control,

           2. A table which i have created using the bounded taskflow as a region from ADF Library Jar file,


      Now am not able to save the data of both form and table using the Consuming Application Module data control Commit operation. Using the individual commit operations they are working. This says my application has two datacontrols working at a time which says two transactions.


      My question is, whether the approach i have taken for my requirement is correct or not. If not please provide me with the right approach else help me with the solution for my problem.


      Please let me know if you need further details.