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    Vulnerabilities in webserviceclient+ssl.jar in Weblogic 10gR3 server




      I am using Weblogic server 10gR3. While checking for the vulnerabilities in project, came across CVE-2007-0417,CVE-2003-0640,CVE-2001-0098,CVE-2000-0681,CVE-2007-4618,CVE-2007-4617,CVE-2007-0425,CVE-2007-0418,CVE-2007-0408,CVE-2005-4757,CVE-2005-4756 all high vulnerabilities present in webserviceclient+ssl.jar. The description of these vulnerabilities says that they should be present in previous versions of Weblogic and should work fine in 10gR3.

      I am not sure, may be I have missed something while understanding as I am new to this.


      Please suggest me the way to resolve these security concerns.


      Thanks in Advance!