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    Oracle GRC functionality for OAF pages


      Our requirement is to audit the Supplier Bank Account Number on the 'Suppliers>Banking Details' page. As this is an OAF page, would we be able to create GRC Form Rules and Audit Rules in order to audit the Supplier Bank Account number?


      Having read a couple of white papers on this, my understanding is that GRC Form Rules and Audit rules are for Oracle Forms only. As this field has been moved to an OAF page in R12, we would need to use GRC Flow rules in order to fulfil our requirement. Flow Rules can be used to accomplish “Form Rule” or “Change Control” functionality on OAF pages. Please correct me if I am wrong.


      Also, please advise if there is any way of achieving the functionality using GRC Form Rules and Audit Rules.



      Rohan Gupta.

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          You are partially correct. The Oracle Advanced Controls (PCG) application can "control" the Oracle professional forms very well. when it comes to the OAF (html) forms such as supplier and vendor you are limited. We have been able to successfully create audit, flow rules to create changed controls and automate some processes on these forms. It is a background operation but it still works very well. For example....


          If you wanted to create a change control on the bank account for a supplier in 11i it is a trivial task with form rules and change control. In R12 we have to use flow rule (that get more advanced) and change controls. Believe me it works but you have to put though into it. Now that we have done it we do it all the time on other fields. Look me up for more information if this does not help you.