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    Oracle Vision R12.2.3: adop phase=fs_clone problem


      I've installed the Oracle EBS Vision template R12.2.3 by following doc 1620448.1 and applying patch 18545803 to fix some issues with the config script.

      The vision instance runs fine, is totally vanilla, but I've serious troubles with using the adop utility:


      I am not able to run 'adop phase=fs_clone'. Every attempt errors out with an error thrown in 'main::runFSCloneStage'.

      I traced it down to be a caused by an 'out of range exception' thrown in 'oracle.apps.ad.clone.FSCloneStageAppsTier'. However I haven't found anything about that on support.oracle.com or anywhere else.

      I have already tried applying 'R12.TXK.C.Delta.4' and 'R12.AD.C.Delta.4' but the error remains. Can somebody help me with that issue?




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