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    Parent member's values not clearing after moving children's out and running aggregations


      Dear Hyperion users, We have been working on a store re-alignment, that we are cutting and pasting stores from one region to another. We have moved all the stores out of 2 parent's X1 & X2, so these Parent's total should now be zero. We have refreshed the cube and calc’d, however the Parents still have $ values in them.  Can you please advise how we can correct this as this is doubling adding these numbers into our totals Entity level. Is there any problem with the type of members X1 and X2. If it is store or never share then, it won't clear the amounts even after aggregating? It may have so happened that in case of stored or never share type of members the sum total still sits there on X1 and X2 parents? I am trying to understand why the values did not go to zero once we took all the stores out of these initial parents and even after running the aggregation? Please clarify. Thank you. Regards, Praveen.