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    [ JDev,ADF ] How is made the "where clause" of defualt View Criteria "All queriable attributes"?



      on a View Object I need to create my custom View Criteria; I will use it to create a "Query panel with table".


      I would like that its beahviour, when I use it to create a "Query panel with table", is the same of the "All queriable attributes".


      Unfortunately I am having some troubles in creating it and I would like to see how is made the the "View Object Where Clause" of the "All queriable attributes" VC.


      The query of my VO is:


      select UserId, Name, RegisteringDate


      I would like to create my VC in a way that the resulting "Query panel with table" is:


      UserId |_________|

      Name |_________|

      RegisteringDate from |_________| to |_________|


      For each search field I defined a bind variable (PUserId, PName, PRegisteringDateFrom, PRegisteringDateTo).


      Each field must be used in the "Query panel with table" only if it's filled with a value.


      Could you kindly help me?


      Many thanks,