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    sqldeveloper problem redisplaying screen after db throws an error


      This is my sqldeveloper version:

      Oracle IDE
      Plataforma Java(TM)1.7.0_51


      I'm working with a sql worksheet. When I issue an sql command that throws an error - any error - my worksheet fails to redisplay.


      You cannot even read the ORA messages in the output script window. you have to hover with your mouse pointer to see the buttons.


      The workaround is to delete the output script , navigate to another worksheet and come back to this worksheet. This issue already happened to me in previous versions of sqldeveloper.


      Any help?

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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          That sounds like a strange one.  Some recommendations...

          1. From SQL Developer's main menu bar, try Window  > Reset Windows To Factory Settings, or

          2. Install the latest 4.0.2 patch release. You will have the option of migrating / not migrating your 4.0.1 user settings.

          If (1) does not help, doing (2) into an empty folder has multiple benefits:  install is clean; user settings "cleanest" (no migration) or "cleaner" (migration, but with possible exposure either to migrating corrupt settings from earlier version, or possibly migration bugs);  and, getting latest code fixes.


          Alternately, if you prefer to stay with 4.0.1, you can take the middle road and reset all your user settings.  Just rename or delete these folders, then relaunch without user settings migration...

          1. %APPDATA%\SQL Developer\system4.

          2. %APPDATA%\sqldeveloper

          In fact, adjusted for the specific system<n.n.n.n.n> folder, this step is the "gold standard" for verifying user settings corruption is not the problem.  It also helps ensure SQL Developer is not pointing to some older JDK still installed on the machine.




          SQL Developer Team