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    Where to write condition in designing workflow with conditional step?



      I want to design new BP and workflow with contitional step.

      I had designed both BP and workflow.

      As per user guide for Udesigner, i had added triggering element before conditional step.

      But i don't understnad where to define Condition to test?

      If i need to write condition in triggering elemt itsel...how to do this?

      e.g   I want to write condition like  Tota Cost >= 100000, it has to follow one path and if fails another path.

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          Marc DiNick

          The conditions for Trigger Elements are specified in the Workflow Setup.  After you create a new Setup, open it and go to the Settings tab.  There you will see a tree structure of the workflow with the conditional branches.  Click a conditional branch to set up the parameters for the trigger condition for that route.

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            John Vilandre

            Setting up Conditional Routing is a two-step process involving the definition of the design logic and the configuration of the behavior data. These two setups are done in uDesigner and Unifier/uStage, respectively.


            uDesigner setup requires the following:


            1. Add a condition to your workflow in the uDesigner editor. Using this action creates a diamond that will be inserted into your workflow.
            2. Connect your diamond with lines to three steps: the step from which you want to create conditional routing and two steps to which your conditional routing will go.
            3. Definte the Condition Name and Record Status for the two steps to which your condition routing will go. This definition is considered the 'Condition Properties' and can allow you to do some other design-driven behavior such as auto-creating records or capturing information based on conditional data.
            4. Define the Trigger Elements in the Step Properties for the two steps to which your conditions will go.


            Unifier/uStage setup requires the following:

            1. Open the Workflow Setup Settings for your BP
            2. Define Trigger Element values [data] for each Trigger Element


            This type of separation of design logic and data configuration between uDesigner and Unifier/uStage is an important philosophy that is consistent throughout Unifier. In essence, the 'logic' - whether Conditional Routing should occur and what data element(s) will drive it - is defined in uDesigner while the detailed execution - the data captured in those elements such as the $ value - in Unifier/uStage.


            Hope that helps! Let me know if you need some further clarification.



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