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    Upgrade 10gR1 RAC to 10gR2 RAC

      After reading the install / upgrade documentation I'm unclear about what will happen with my existing CRS and Database homes. When performing the upgrade from 10gR1 to 10gR2 what will happen to my existing Oracle homes.

      1. When upgrading my CRS/ Cluster Ware home will the upgrade require me to define a new CRS home, or will it upgrade my existing CRS / Cluster Ware home.

      2. Will I be upgrading my existing database home, or will I need to define a new database home?

      I have no need to keep my existing homes to run two different versions of the database, and would prefer not to create new homes for either CRS or the database.

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          Any news on this. I'm preparing to go from to on a 2 node RAC and haven't found a whole lot of information on the move.

          I'd actually like to install the clusterware into a different directory, since the original install was done under the ORACLE_BASE directory. The installer however wanted to upgrade the existing CRS dir, but threw a lot of errors for missing files, and ultimately failed to work.

          I've found at least one non-oracle document that suggests uninstalling CRS prior to the upgrade, but I'd like to see some oracle documents on the process.

          <edit> This is on Solaris btw </edit>


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            Oracle Clusterware will upgrade in place so it upgrades the CRS_HOME. For the database, you can install a new home or upgrade your current home.
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              If you want to upgrade you MUST use the same CRS_HOME, you can not have install CRS in a different CRS_HOME.

              Also make sure you always upgrade/migrate your CRS stack first, after that ASM if using and then the RDBMS.

              The upgrade process of CRS is not that hard. For patchset apply it is very nice, a seperated preinstall directory is cerated and after the install and when you start to execute the root.sh script it will start to apply the patchset.

              Then it is even possible to have one node a on a lower CRS level then the other. After upgrade the second not the CRS stack notice the same release and switch to the latest release.

              Hope this helps explain is a few lines how to upgrade.

              Good luck.
              B. de CockBuning

              Good Luck,
              B. de CockBuning
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                Thanks for the input. This is what I was trying to do, thought it should be very straight forward. I am upgrading the CRS_HOME first. I've restored the environment and will go back and see if there was something I missed.

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                  Thank you.