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    Query Export Icon Disappears! Where is it?


      Hello, not sure if this is the right forum area, but here goes. I am using PL/SQL Developer version 11.1.


      When I open Developer, on the right hand side of the app towards the top of the window pane (below the menu icons) there are three icons: an UP icon, a DOWN icon and the Export Query Icon.


      What's weird is that after running the query via the Execute icon (where the results post directly into a PL/SQL Developer window) as soon as the query starts, the Export Query icon vanishes. And it remains gone even after the query is done executing. However, it does show as an menu icon in the pane that divides the sql code from the results. However, this Export Query icon is apparently only good for the results you just ran. So, for example, if after running using the execute button, you now changed a parameter in your sql code, running the Export Query icon (in the divider pane - remember - the other one is still no where to be found!) does no good as it only gives results for whatever has just been ran (and is in the results window/pane).


      What I have had to do is copy paste the new sql code into a new window in order to get the Export Query icon to show up again in its spot in the upper right corner of the SQL window!


      I have also searched for this icon via the CUSTOMIZE dialog box (by right clicking in the icon menu area) but do not see it as a choice. Perhaps I overlooked it? Is it supposed to be there?


      Anyway, so my question is, is there a way to keep the Export Query icon from disappearing in the first place? Or a better way to 'put it back' than opening a new window? Or maybe it is in the CUSTOMIZE box and I didn't see it? Or something else?


      Thanks for any assistance..!