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    How to select the multiple rows in tabular form

    pawan kumaar



      With the help of below thread i have implement the concept in my application but it is not working



      Actually my requirement is to run a back end ie db procedure through apex page

      Parameters for that procedure ll be the selected row in tabular form


      Steps i did


      Created a apex text field item.


      Created a tabular form based on table with primary key as POT_ID


      Created dynamic process

      with javascirpt event


      var RFQ_TRA= $('.t20Report t20Standard input[type=checkbox]:checked').map(function()


      return $(this).parent().parent().find('td[headers="POT_ID"] input').val();

      } ).get().join(':');



      This dynamic action itself not fired if i selected a row in tabular form with the help of [select row].


      created process to cal that procedure


      Can any help me ...