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    Oracle Apex RESTful WebService - Details URL


      I have created RESTful Services but i struck with the REST WebService URL. i.e.,

      In the Rest Details window->  I am confused with the URL given in this Tutorial

      Creating and Using a RESTful Web Service in Application Express 4.2 - YouTube


      I am running the application in localhost @ 8080 port.

      Application - 124

      Name - RESTful WEBSERVICE4

      Schema -admin1

      workspace - sandbox

      Webservice name - employee.


      the errors i am facing when i hit TEST button in REST outputs screen



      <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//IETF//DTD HTML 2.0//EN"> <HTML><HEAD> <TITLE>401 Unauthorized</TITLE> </HEAD><BODY><H1>Unauthorized</H1> </BODY></HTML>


      Also please explain how ORACLE REST DATA SERVICE is preferable than Web Service created in .NET/PHP/JAVA.


      Thanks in advance,