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    SQL Developer some interface bugs


      1) when open package specification for edit, button "Open Body" is always disabled.

      2) when object open in editor open in read-only mode, cursor is not visible. it's very uncomfortably select text blocks for copying with keyboard

      3) when pressing Ctrl-C in query result (i.e in cell of grid), cell content is disappead, if keyboard layout is "RU"

      4) text search not always find text, if it's run from field "Find" above editor window, while search from "Find Text" dialog (called from main menu Edit/Find..) works fine

      5) when press Ctrl+mouse-click (in code editor) on text like my_package_name.my_procedure_name, message "PL/SQL unit my_procedure_name not exist" is appear, instead of opening package my_package_name in new editor window.

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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          In my experience...

          1. Not true if you own the object.  True if accessed via Other Users node, even with privileges.  Of course, ability to view code should depend on your privileges.

          2. Not true.  Check these settings: Tools > Preferences > Code Editor, then any of Display | Caret Behavior | PL/SQL Syntax Colors.  Also, double-click gets cell editor. 

          3. Not sure for all languages/keyboards, but this does sound vaguely familiar.  Searching the forum may turn up a previous mention.

          4. Sounds familiar.  Probably already bugged.  Searching the forum may turn up a previous mention.

          5. Sounds familiar.  Not sure if bugged, but for 4.1 object look-up processing for Popup Describe and Open Declaration seem to have merged, so possibly other fixes (either planned development or driven by QA testing) will get this fixed.

          If any of these turn out to be a major annoyance in your environment with no workarounds, it's always best to log a Service Request with Oracle Support.



          SQL Developer Team