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    FDMEE : Open Batch is failling with the periods while ok in FDM Classic...




      I was using OpenBatch feature in FDM Classic and now I'm trying to use it in FDMEE...

      Source = flatfile

      Target = Essbase


      - In FDM Classic, you don't need to specify the start & end period because FDM is reading the period from the file name.

      - In FDMEE, I'm forced to give a start/end period in the command line

           => and if I put for example Start Period = Jan-2014 & End Period = Dec-2014 in my command line, then if I have no file for Mar-2014, FDMEE will through an error because Mar-2014 file not found and will stop the loading at the import process


      Maybe I'm doing something wrong?




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          Francisco Amores



          what you trying to do?

          - Running a data load rule from Batch definition?

          - Running open batch rule (single period) from Batch Script?

          To run open batch from batch script (command line) you would have to use command:

          runbatch USER PASSWORD BATCH_NAME


          Period is specified in the filename similar to FDM classic. I say similar because you have now an additional naming convention for the file in the case you want to use an existing data load rule. If you specify the DLR in the filename you don't have to specify category as it's implicitly defined in the rule name.

          For example:


          Everything is documented in section Batch Processing


          I hope that clarifies.