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    Error:Error Processing ora-01403: no data found

    Sruthi Tamiri

      Hi Team,


        It is very dificullt to express the above problem in which scenrio it was happening.

        A llitle bit scenrio was explained below, since the error is not able to re-produce for next time.


      1. We could able to logon into application with out any problem.

      2. We have a screen where team can create a new record and modify the records accordingly.

      3. First time a new record was created which are manadatory fields and records were inserted sucessfully.

      4. Second we click on edit button, and try to modify the things other fileds and clicked on "Modify process", during that our team had faced the problem.

      5. Now when we tried to find the things it is not able to re-produce at all.

      6. So we have created a temporary table and captured required while creating the things, and we could not see any errors around that.

      7. The above issue was happend when it was upgraded to apex 3.2 to apex 4.2, and while testing same in 4.2 things.


      Apex versinon#4.2

      Oracle #11g