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    Help Text for Dynamic Items

    Sunil Bhatia

      Hi all,


      I have created few dynamic items using APEX_ITEM utility. Can we provide help text to these items in a popup or the way APEX internally do it?

      Is this requirement feasible?



      Sunil Bhatia

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          Sunil Bhatia



          I self solved my question. For anybody interested in this, we can do it like this:


          onmouseover="toolTip_enable(event,this,''This is a tooltip'')"' in APEX_ITEM.TEXT p_attributes argument of


            p_idx IN NUMBER,

            p_value IN VARCHAR2 DEFAULT NULL,

            p_size IN NUMBER DEFAULT NULL,

            p_maxlength IN NUMBER DEFAULT NULL,

            p_attributes IN VARCHAR2 DEFAULT NULL,

            p_item_id IN VARCHAR2 DEFAULT NULL,

            p_item_label IN VARCHAR2 DEFAULT NULL)