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    Is NamedCache lock API deprecated in v12.1.2?


      We are running Oracle Coerehce v3.7.0.2 right now. We are considering upgrade to the latest version 12.1.2. I read the technical changes(http://docs.oracle.com/middleware/1212/coherence/COHRX/technotes.htm) and find this.

      1 Technical Changes and Enhancements (12c Release 2 (12.1.2))

      1.11.3 NamedCache lock APIs

      The NamedCache lock APIs are deprecated. Use the locking support that is provided by the entry processor API instead (EntryProcessor for Java and C++, IEntryProcessor for .NET). For more information, see "Replacement for the Deprecated NamedCache Lock APIs".


      Is it referring to the locking features as described here. --> 29.2 Using Explicit Locking for Data Concurrency

      We are using lock API in some of our invocables running on cluster side.

      Does it mean that we cannot upgrade to 12.1.2 unless we modify our code? Thx.