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    Form Personalization


      Hi Guru,


      I had form personalization Requirement in which based on responsibility and application it need fetch organization.Can any one help me ASAP plz

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          Tanzeel Mirza



          I believe I should be able to help you with the above requirement.

          Can you please elaborate little more on the requirement? Are you referring 'Organization' above as the Operating unit?


          Please confirm on the questions as well.



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            Basically if we select Responsibility that starts with HA and HAO ,it need to fetch all organizations associated with the Selected responsibility.

            its working fine for HAO resp to fetch data,but at the same time if we select HA resp it also needs to fetch data.

            U can find the code that we did.


            select org.organization_code,org.name, org.organization_id,

            • org.location_code, org.address_line_1, org.address_line_2,
            • org.address_line_3, decode(org.town_or_city, null, null,org.town_or_city

            || ', ')

            || decode(org.region_1, null, null, org.region_1 || ', ')

            || decode(org.region_2, null, null, org.region_2 || ', ') ||

            decode(org.region_3, null, null, org.region_3 || ', ')

            || decode(org.postal_code, null, null, org.postal_code || ', ')

            || decode(org.country, null, null, org.country)

            from oe_ship_from_orgs_v org,apps.org_access oe

            where oe.organization_id = org.organization_id

            and oe.responsibility_id=fnd_global.resp_id


            plz  reply me as early as possible



            This personalization is for warehouse field in purchasing.