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    How to increase the field size in modules


      Dear Oracle Team,


      When we add some items in reason codes from the dictionary, it has certain limit in reason code and title. So I can increase those field size to add bigger text for title names.


      I think it also applicable for the fields in other modules also. Looking your valuable support.


      Thanks & Regards,



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          Rudy Ising

          Any default fields/dictionaries are limited to the sizes configured in the database schema.  To increase the size of those fields, you would need to submit an Enhancement Request to Oracle.  The "Reason Code" would be one of those.


          For any custom fields you have created, you can set the field properties yourself in the custom field screens.  In most PCM versions, once you set the field properties and populate data in them, you cannot change the properties (make larger or smaller character length) but in some PCM versions it will let you expand the character length.  Otherwise, your only option to change the length there would be to delete the existing custom field and re-create a new field with the adjusted length.

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            Thanks for your reply,


            Can you clarify after creating custom fields in PCM it will be fully visible and usable in reports or not.


            As per your statement Some PCM versions have options to expand the character length means kindly advise me which version is that.


            Currently I have version 14.0.3 .


            Thanks and looking your support,


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              Rudy Ising

              1.  Once you add a custom field to your database, it would be made available to either your reports (BI) or your layouts in PCM.

              2.  When you create the custom field, you would specify the field length/type/properties.  (i.e. "Char" field with 120 char field length)  If you set this to one value when you create (say 120 char) and want to CHANGE it to 140 characters, you cannot do this without deleting and re-creating the custom field.  I did check 14.0.3 and this continues in this version as well.

              2a.  Best practice is to be generous in your field sizes to avoid needing to change it later.


              As I mentioned before, any default fields in the database are fixed to their set properties and the only way to change them is to submit an SR to Oracle to request the change.