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    Best Practices for PS Upgrades




      We have started to install our bundles alone since bundle 29 (Our consultant company had installed the previous ones) I wanted to take your opinions, learn your practices for installing bundles.

      At the moment, we install the bundle,

      Test all the system ,

      1. 1) Enter new data to all used pages,
      2. 2) Update daha
      3. 3) Enter an effective dated row


      And log them in an excel file as below












      Add a new Emplid






      Update an Emplid

      Error -….








      I really would like to learn about your practices and your additions to our method will be so helpful.


      I also want to mention that we don’t reapply our customizations. What’s your method for your customizations?


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          Ramkiran - Oracle

          Let me know the source and target of the upgrade. If you are looking for People tools only upgrade below document will help you:


          E-UPG Best Practices for a Tools Only Upgrade (Doc ID 831453.1)

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            PeopleSoft Update Manager is designed so that your first application

            (initial pass) of the change package includes compare steps so that you

            can incorporate customizations, and will produce a modified change

            package using the move to production option ready to apply to test and

            then production.  If you skip the re-apply customization steps, you

            won't have any customization included, so this will be the impact.  You

            will then have to incorporate the customizations in another initial

            pass, or find another way to apply them before running against a test