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    One Bid Awarded to Multiple Vendors with Specific Amount


      We have following requirement and don't see it cannot be met with core Purchasing. I would very much apprecite if Purchasing experts like you can review and give me your feedback if I am missing out something or if there is some Oracle product that can meet the requirement.


      This is a public sector organization. A bid is awarded with a specific amount of say 1 Million dollars to three approved vendors over a specific time period (say 3 years). Now it is not specified how much amount is awarded to each vendor out of that 1 Million dollars. It is the discretion of the buyer (based on performance of vendor ) to award how much amount he/she wants to award to the vendor. And Procurement wants us to build controls so they cannot exceed cumulative spending for three vendors by 1 Million.

      Please let me know if this requirement can be met someway. If it is for one vendor, I know we can use Contract Purchase Agreement. or Blanket Purchase Agreement and also setup total amount on Agreement and purchasing will stop buyers from overspending.  However now our requirement is to track purahase activity for all three vendors on approved bid and stop buyer when their cumulative purchases exceed 1 million dollar (total amount on the bid). I am thinking of customizing it. But just wondering if there is any way this requirement can be met thru standard features in Purchasing or any other Oracle modules. We are willing to license the software and implement.


      I would very much appreciate your responses. !!!