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    Find DB object feature in SQL Developer


      Hello all, SQL developer version on Windows 7 64 bit. I have just begun to use the Find DB object feature. I type in the name of the object in the worksheet select the object name and press ALT+g The binocular pane/tab/pallete/dialogbox opens and shows me all the objects(and schema name) that are named as the selected text in the worksheet. When the object name is clicked, the object opens twice in the object viewer. May be I have understood something wrong. I tried clicking it once and twice, both times I see two object viewers showing the same object. Also the  binocular pane/tab/pallete/dialogbox  remains open after this. Is there a way I can hide/close this once I click on the object. Thanks for your help in advance.

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          the search panel will remain open until you hide/close it


          I'm not able to duplicate the double-open issue - what type of object does this happen for, or it it for anything you click on?


          Also, you're on an old version, you  might want to upgrade to 4.0.2 as it might have been fixed in one of the 2 patch releases since your version debuted.

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            How do we hide it? There is no option to minimize/hide it like the Connections or DBA pane


            No use for it to remain open. Perhaps, double click an object to keep it open.(This is when an object of another type with the same name has to be opened) Single click to close the binoculars pane and open the object viewer. or something like this.


            Same problem with version 4.0.1.


            Am I doing something wrong?

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              Gary Graham-Oracle

              Regarding Views, such as Connections, Reports, Unit Test, Find DB Object, and so on...

              1. By default (or after using Window > Reset Windows To Factory Settings), each View is opened in its own Group pane.

              2. Each Group has a minimize icon.

              3. Merging two or more Views into one Group, then clicking the minimize icon will minimize all views in the Group, but they can be restored individually.

              4. Floating a View or a Group leaves it in a window without a minimize button.

              So I assume have your Views configured so as not to use the default one View per Group setting. You  probably need to Reset Windows To Factory Settings.  Another possible alternative is Windows > Configure Window > Dock or Dock Group. to undo floating view or group windows without resetting all windows.


              Hope this helps

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                Have not tried what you said yet, whats with the two times opening object viewer. I feel my JDK or something is wrong. This has been there even in a different laptop where I use the latest version 4.0.1.



                The dock group is inactive, it is greyed out and hence cannot be used. tried this before and after reset windows to factory settings.


                Yes the binoculars pane can be minimized, when placed under connections pane.

                The binoculars pane automatically places itself like worksheets/object viewers as soon as we press ALT+G.


                So, now it needs to be placed under connections tab manually.

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                  Gary Graham-Oracle

                  whats with the two times opening object viewer

                  No one seems to be able to reproduce the behavior you see.

                  The dock group is inactive

                  If the dock options are inactive that just means you have not floated anything yet.


                  By the way, the most common advice to ensure a clean install on Windows is...

                      1. Install latest production release / patch, currently 4.0.2, into an empty directory.


                      2. If not using Windows 64-bit zip download including JDK 7, download and install  latest jdk1.7.0_xx update (current 1.7.0_60)


                      3. If you suspect user settings corruption, upon first-time launch after upgrade,  do NOT migrate user settings.

                  If you prefer to stay with 4.0.1 and your current JDK, try renaming or deleting these folders, then relaunch without user settings migration...

                      1. %APPDATA%\SQL Developer\system4.

                      2. %APPDATA%\sqldeveloper

                  In fact, adjusted for the specific system<n.n.n.n.n> folder, this step is the "gold standard" for verifying user settings corruption is not the problem.  It also helps ensure SQL Developer is not pointing to some older JDK still installed on the machine.

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                    Have not migrated any settings. This is a new laptop.

                    I want my binoculars pane to function like my connections pane.How to achieve this?

                    I dont want to float it. I dont want to dock it to the place where object viewers and worksheets open up afterwards. Maybe I can dock it to the place where the connections reside, but I do not want to float it in the first place.

                    I want my binoculars pane to function like my connections pane. I want it to appear(show me the connections) on mouse-over,(then open a table or procedure or connect to any database), then on clicking a worksheet or any other object viewer, I want it to self minimize(minimize automatically).

                    Floating it creates a new window in the windows operating system task bar.


                    Thanks again for the jdk explanation. There was no prompt for a JDK requirement at start. Could be the isssue.

                    The JDK does not look like the issue for the explained behaviour of binoculars pane

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                      Gary Graham-Oracle

                      Continuing this discussion just confirms that Jeff's answer is correct.  I hope my additional description of the UI behavior has been useful.


                      To recap, the binoculars pane (search result pane) remains open until you close it.  It can be minimized, but only if you have docked it (via drag 'n drop) into a view group or floated it in it's own window.  There is no auto-minimize and, unfortunately, It's default position is in a document group together with worksheets and object viewers, precisely where you do not like it.