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    About a panic after reboot on Solaris 10U8


      Hi all,

      I have Solaris 10U8 installed on HUAWEI Tecal RH2485 Server(Intel Xeon E5-46XX series CPUs, SandyBridge Platform),

      after about half month using, when I restart the system, it will occasionally panic after I chosen the start pattern(Solaris10U8 or  failsafe),

      the panic messages are as follows:


      Cannot mount root on /pci@39,0/pci8086,3c06@2,2/pci19e5,d205@0/sd@0,0:a fstype u



      panic[cpu0]/thread=fffffffffbc208a0: vfs_mountroot: cannot mount root

      fffffffffbc4b210 genunix:vfs_mountroot+323 ()

      fffffffffbc4b250 genunix:main=a9 ()

      fffffffffbc4b260 unix:_start+95 ()


      skipping system dump - no dump device configured



      After several reboot, it will return to normal again.  The /pci@39,0/pci8086,3c06@2,2/pci19e5,d205@0 is LSI SR230 Raid card, and the sd@0,0 is LUN0 on that.A

      And there is no other error messages about it,so I wonder whether it is a RAID/Storage hardware issue or a compatibility issue between Solaris 10U8 and LSI Raid card?


      Best Regards,